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The magazine is aimed at every level of dancer from beginners to professionals and our magazine includes a full listing of all of our teaching members to help NADA students and teachers find one another. We also keep you informed on NADA’s own activities and events with regular updates in the magazine.

We are lucky enough to have some regular contributors to the magazine including Lorna of Cairo who provides exclusive interviews with Cairo stars and a wonderful insight into the world of Egyptian dance!

In addition to this our magazine is written for and by it’s readers! Most of our content is contributed by NADA members who wish to share their views and experiences. If you would like to submit an article to NADA magazine please email it to our editor at

If you would like some guidance on writing an article for NADA please view our Article Guidance Notes

Our Magazine deadlines are:

Autumn Term September Edition New Article/Ads Deadline 1st Week July Inserts 1st Week August
Winter Term January Edition New Article/Ads Deadline 1st Week of November Inserts 1st Week December
Summer Term May Edition New Article/Ads Deadline 3rd Week of March Inserts Inserts 3rd Week April

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Here are some examples of previous editions of NADA Mag for you to enjoy:

If you would like to receive NADA Mag become a member today!