Joining NADA is easy and UK membership is only £30!

Join today and with your years membership you will receive three copies of the NADA magazine during your year’s membership.

All members have the opportunity for reduced rate advertising in the magazine and can have their teaching and event details listed in the magazine and on the NADA website.

Our members can also have their say by submitting articles to NADA magazine. We also invite members to apply to NADA for the opportunity to run NADA supported events.

A NADA AGM is held yearly to give members the opportunity to meet, dance and be updated on the committee’s activities. The AGM venue is rotated to different areas of the country each year throughout the North of England and Scotland to help increase it’s accessibility to members. Details of the next NADA AGM are listed on our Events page when they become available.

Membership costs just £30 (£40 for overseas members)

To join simply fill in the Membership Application Form and send it to us along with your membership payment. You will receive your first magazine when the next edition of NADA is due out. You can return your membership form by email to and pay by paypal. please allow 3 weeks for processing.

membership £30:
overseas membership £40:

If you have any questions please contact our Membership Secretary!