JWAAD Summer School - Berkshire (11/08/2017)

Crowthorne, Berkshire, RG45 7PU

Join us for 2, 5 or 7 days of dance and fun! 

We have over 40 hours of classes and activities including:
•    Authentic Egyptian and Middle Eastern styles
•    Masterclasses with internationally renowned teachers
•    Workshops with live music
•    Classes on technique and rhythm
•    Classes on choreography and performance 

•    A variety of fusion styles
•    Dances to learn and perform
•    Daily sagat/zill practice
•    Our amazing Sufi trance evening
•    A souk with dance gear for sale all week
•    A stall to sell your second hand costumes
•    A chance to perform solo or in groups in our Theatre Show
•    Weekenders can perform at our Harem Night Party
•    A relaxed and fun talent evening 

•    Time to relax, socialise or go for a walk in the wonderful grounds

You can choose between:

•    7 days for the full experience - show/parties/all activities

•    5 day course with our wonderful show - with you in it!
•    2 day course with our Harem Night Party


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